Nov 08
PEM Hydrogen Production Demonstration Station
On November 4th, the launching ceremony of Sinopec’s first proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen production demonstration station built at Yanshan Petrochemical using the independent technology of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation was successfully held. The entire process from materials, core components to system integration. Ling Yiqun, member of the party group and deputy general manager of the group company, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Yue Deyu, deputy director of the New Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Division of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Zhongguancun Management Committee, Li Guangming, deputy head of Fangshan District and secretary of the Yanshan Working Committee, Yanshan Petrochemical Company Li Gang, chairman and general manager, and Li Mingfeng, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered speeches. Heads of related departments of the group company, local government, Yanshan Petrochemical, and Lin Wei, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and heads of related departments attended the meeting. It is reported that the Sinopec PEM hydrogen production demonstration station adopts a large-area uniform membrane electrode. This design scheme can be directly developed to a single-cell megawatt scale, providing a design basis for large-scale experiments of proton exchange membrane electrolysis hydrogen production technology. As the core component of the proton exchange membrane electrolyzer, the hydrogen production efficiency is over 85%, and the key core material components such as cathode and anode catalysts, bipolar plates and current collectors have all been made domestically. In particular, the high-performance cathode and anode catalysts independently developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences have significant advantages in terms of preparation process, mass specific activity, and long-term stability. The commissioning of this demonstration station has accumulated valuable experience for Sinopec’s independent research and development of electrolyzed water hydrogen production technology and equipment construction, and laid a solid foundation for the localization of megawatt-level proton exchange membrane electrolyzed hydrogen production facilities. The coupling of proton exchange membrane electrolyzed water hydrogen production technology and Yanshan Petrochemical’s photovoltaic power will realize the production of green hydrogen in the true sense. Significance. In the next step, PetroChina will work closely with Yanshan Petrochemical and its partners to complete the performance verification of PEM electrolyzed water hydrogen production technology and electrolyzed water catalysts, laying a practical foundation for the application of megawatt PEM hydrogen production systems, and continuously improving and upgrading PEM electrolyzers And the technical level of cathode and anode catalysts, play a demonstrative and leading role, and strive to promote the application in Sinopec and even the whole country.
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