Electrolysis of Alkaline Water Reaction

Electrolysis of Alkaline Water Reaction, alkaline water electrolysis Hydrogen production equipment and hydrogen energy comprehensive solution supplier.
  • Place of Origin:

    Xiamen, China
  • Usage:

  • Type:

  • Hydrogen Pressure:

    20-35 Bar
  • Condition:

  • Purity:

  • Key Selling Points:

    Long Service Life
  • Control Mode:

  • Core Components:

    PLC+ Touch Screen + Fully Automatic + Unattended
  • After-Sale Service:

    Video Technical Support, Online Support, Field Maintenance And Repair Service
  • Certification:

    ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001
  • Applicable Industries:

    Energy & Mining
  • Alkali concentration:

    30% KOH
  • Capacity:

    2-1000 Nm3/H

Water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment / drying integrated device in power plant

Product Specification
Equipment Composition: Main equipment, Auxiliary equipment and Electric control equipment.
Main equipment composition: Electrolyser,accessory equipment integrated framework
Auxiliary equipment composition: Water tank, alkali tank, make-up water pump and gas decompression distribution Framework,etc
Electronic control equipment composition: Rectifier cabinet,Power Distribution Cabinet,etc
Equipment Characteristics: The equipment design can be customized according to the users of the power plant. The electrolytic , gas-liquid treatment device and hydrogen drying frame are assembled into a frame, which covers a small area. The product has high hydrogen purity, low moisture content and high degree of automation, which fully realizes the automatic one button start-up and stop.
The equipment includes integrated hydrogen production unit, hydrogen decompression distribution panel, control cabinet, rectifier cabinet, make-up pump, raw water tank, alkali liquor tank and analytical instrument.
Pneumatic unit, combined instrument control, electric control, PLC control, fieldbus control.

Technical Specification





Hydrogen Productionm3/h




Oxygen Productionm3/h




Hydrogen PurityV/V




Oxygen PurityV/V




Operating load




Working PressureMPa




Hydrogen Moisture Contentg/m3




Hydrogen Alkalinitymg/m3




Working Temperature




Cooling water flowm3/h




DC power consumption(kW·h/m3H2)




External dimension of electrolyzer L×W×H (mm)




Electrolyzer Weightkg




Alkali concentration

30% KOH

30% KOH

30% KOH

Circulation quantity of alkali liquorm3/h




Company Profile

zxdh2 is the process of converting surplus renewable energy into hydrogen gas by rapid response electrolysis and its subsequent injection into the gas distribution network.
We are currently engaged in several projects aimed at deployment of our technology and products in existing and emerging markets.

zxdh2 has a Business Development team that is resourced and structured to be able to efficiently and effectively liaise with customers in key territories across the world, and to be able to communicate effectively with customers from a range of key industries and project applications.

Our Advantages

Overhaul and Reconstruction

Professional engineers understand the operation status of your hydrogen production system, and the performance indicators of core components, and propose solutions to ensure the safe operation of your hydrogen production equipment.

In order to ensure the construction period of the maintenance and reconstruction project.
The company has a variety of brands of electrolyzers in stock throughout the year. "Excellent service, professional skills, quick response" is our consistent working attitude.

We provide spare parts for the whole hydrogen production system. Regardless of equipment, components, valves or instruments, we will recommend the most suitable spare parts for your hydrogen production equipment to you according to the operating environment and state of your hydrogen production system. Under the premise of ensuring the safe and normal operation of the equipment, we will develop a cost-effective solution to save the maintenance and operation costs for you to the maximum!


Zhongxindhas passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

Zhongxinda has passed the ISO45001 occupational health system certification

Zhongxinda has passed the ISO14001 occupational health system certification


Q1: Why choose Us ?  
A:To provide our customers services in the supply of quality 
Q2: How is quality ensured? 
A:We have strict quality control from producing to delivery. Our company had strong technology support, We have cultivated a group of managers who are familiar with product quality , good at modern concept of management. 
Q3:Which mode of transport would be better? 
A:In general, the product is heavy, we advice to make delivery by sea, Also we respect your views of other transportation as well. 
Q4:What kind of payment does your company support?
A: T/T, 100% L/C at sight, Cash are all accepted if you have other payment,please contact me.  

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